Each carton of Dinko Southern Bluefin Tuna contains an Akami (Top) loin and a Toro (bottom) loin. Southern Bluefin Tuna is special but fragile, care in handling will ensure the best eating is guaranteed. On completion of defrosting, the loins should be broken down into pieces three hands width long. Be sure to keep all pieces from each loin together. Dry each piece with kitchen towel and follow the following instructions:

  • Step 1
    Place the tuna piece in the centre of 2 sheets of Japanese Rice paper
  • Step 2
    Fold both top and bottom of the paper over the fillet
  • Step 3
    Fold the sides under the fillet
  • Step 4
    Wrap tightly in kitchen Saran Wrap (Gladwrap) and label each piece.
  • For best keeping change Japanese Rice paper every 2 days.

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