Catch, ranch & harvest

In a quest to develop the most sustainable Bluefin tuna fishery in the world, Dinko Tuna implemented the harvest of wild Bluefin Tuna as they pass through the cold, clean waters of South Australia. Using a purse seine method, only a select number of live fish are transferred to a net, which is slowly towed back to Port Lincoln where they are ranched. The fish are fed a diet of MSC certified sustainable sardines and a natural, nutritional feed supplement to ensure they have the flavour and texture of a wild fish, whilst the fat content is increased.

Dinko’s method doubled the fishermen’s quota as the limit on their catch was determined by the weight of the fish caught in the wild, with any weight gained in captivity a bonus. The harvesting of the tuna is swift with unparalleled attention to detail. The aim is to minimise stress in the fish since upon stress lactic acid is released into the tuna’s system, which influences the flavour of the fish. Our divers manually capture individual fish and guide them onto platforms that lead to the deck. Within 10 seconds the fish are euthanised humanely by the Japanese method known as ‘iki jime’ (brain spiked), which has been perfected to minimise stress and maximise quality.

The tuna is gilled, gutted and wired and are immediately transferred into an ice slurry in order to keep fish fresh, before the fish is filleted and then super frozen at -60C to maintain the quality of the moment of harvest. From start to finish, only 40 seconds has passed making Dinko Tuna the most premium sashimi grade Bluefin Tuna on the planet.