Dinko Tuna

Dinko is widely recognised as the pioneer of the tuna farming industry. Founded in 1981, Dinko Tuna Farmers is a family-owned seafood export business based in Port Lincoln, a small city in the vast region of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Dinko Lukin passed away in July, 2011 and his wife, Lukina Lukin took over and is the current Managing Director taking the company to new markets and utilising new technologies, including super freezing to capture and harness quality from the moment of harvest.

Dinko own and manage their own fishing vessels and processing factory, exporting Southern Bluefin Tuna, sardines and Spencer Gulf prawns. Eyre Peninsula’s wild catch fisheries are managed by the state and commonwealth government through strict quota programs to ensure sustainability of the industry. Dinko Tuna endeavour to be a valued supplier of premium seafood products. To achieve this they work to the highest standards and assist with the management and protection of the fish they sell. Dinko strive for innovation and sustainability in every sector of our operation.